Debt Crisis Mozambique

Debt Crisis Mozambique

Eventvideo | DE 2018 | 1:51 min

Marc Sebastian Eils
Sarah Kachiri

Solidaritätsdienst International

The debt crisis in the Global South is acute. The vast majority of developing countries are at a stage of critical national debt. Governments are threatened with inability to act and populations are threatened with a lack of sustainable economic development in their countries.

A further spread of the debt crisis could become dangerous for all countries of the world. The world community urgently needs a fair and transparent debt relief procedure! In particular, the subsistence minimum of the poorer sections of the population must be protected and the uncontrolled omnipotence of the creditors replaced by an internationally legitimised, neutral authority.

SODI is organizing a series of events that will address meaningful approaches to action in the current debt crisis. In four events, the political and economic background of the debt crisis will be explained and examples from Mozambique, Nepal and Cameroon will be used to illustrate the effects on living conditions in highly indebted developing countries.