H_art the Band @ Berlin

H_art the Band @ Berlin

Musicvideo | DE 2017 | 4:00 min

Marc Sebastian Eils

Paul Holdsworth
Daniela del Pomar
NoƩ Beck

Nils Plambeck

Biko Voigts

H_ART THE BAND is a music group from Kenya. the Group is made up of Mordecai Mwini Kimeu (ASAP), Wachira Gatama (G.T) and Kenneth Muya Mukhwana (KENCHEZ). The group has defied all odds against them to be labelled as one of the best bands in Kenya and East Africa. With time, they have artistically flourished into a revolutionary force not only in their musical poetic presentation but also in their conspicuously fashionable sense of futuristic style.