Ulcinj Salina Montenegro

Ulcinj Salina Montenegro

Campaignvideo | DE 2019 | 1:01 min

Marc Sebastian Eils

EuroNatur Stiftung

The #SaveSalina campaign aims at the protection of Ulcinj Salina in southern Montenegro. The salina is a nearly 15 kmĀ² large wetland area, which serves thousands of birds as resting and breeding site. Since 1935 salt was produced in Ulcinj Salina in a nature-friendly way, which benefited both migrating birds and local people. However, the salt harvest stopped in 2013 and since then initiatives exist to sell Ulcinj Salina and build a luxury hotel resort on the land.

Although the Government of Montenegro is aware about the importance of Ulcinj Salina for the local economy and the international bird migration, it did not show any interest inprotecting the site and preventing its degradation. In June 2019 the Salina was declared a Natural Park and thus a Protected Area, but as long as there is no proper management of the area, the habitats are still at great risk of decay. In order to give nature and people a voice, the international campaign #SaveSalina was set up. With international pressure we have a strong tool to push the government to act!